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The US Liberty ship sank in the estuary in 1944 during the Second World War with a cargo of 1,400 tons of bombs and is considered a dangerous wreck.One concerned ship watcher, who did not wish to be named, feared that if the Whiskey Trio had exploded it could have set off a chain reaction that involved the Montgomery.Labor trafficking remains the predominant human trafficking problem within Russia, escalating in the context of Russia’s significant increase in labor migration.Official and unofficial statistics estimate there are between five and 12 million foreign workers in Russia.Foreign laborers work primarily in construction, housing and utilities, and as public transport drivers, seasonal agricultural workers, tailors and garment workers in underground garment factories, and vendors at marketplaces and shops.Many of these migrant workers experienced exploitative labor conditions characteristic of trafficking cases, such as withholding of identity documents, nonpayment for services rendered, physical abuse, or extremely poor living conditions.AN investigation has been launched into how a vessel laden with explosives was able to travel through the Thames Estuary – past a sunken wreck containing unexploded bombs.

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The ship was released on February 8 and towed by tug to Esbjerg, in Denmark, where authorities will be investigating its activities.However, the journey to the Kent port would have taken the vessel past the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery.