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08-Jun-2016 03:12

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In 2007, he reiterated these views at a PAP Youth Wing event: “[Y]ou are genetically born a homosexual… ” The same year, he denied that there was any censorship of art depicting homosexuality in Singapore.

In his infamous 2011 book , he went so far as to say he’d be OK with a lesbian daughter or MP.

Still, I did have something quite specific to be grateful for.

Pictured above is what I wrote as a condolence message for the wall outside Parliament House: “Thank you for speaking up for the gay and lesbian community.” I’m referring to the fact that Lee Kuan Yew consistently stated in interviews that he believes homosexuality is natural and should not be persecuted.

We also care about the fact that he sued opposition politicians into bankruptcy, made offensive statements about Malays, Muslims and women, and caused the destruction of much of our pre-independence architecture and culture.

His statements on this issue have been documented and praised on SG Wiki, as well as the Chiongs’ blog (a same-sex parenting site run by two of my friends) and this very news site.

Given these facts, you might be wondering why a number of Singapore’s queer intellectuals – Alfian Sa’at, myself, and others – have mostly been sharing articles critical of Lee Kuan Yew on social media.The biggest reason, of course, is that we’re not single-issue activists.By Ng Yi-Sheng On Wednesday night, along with thousands of other Singaporeans, I lined up to pay my respects to Lee Kuan Yew.I was a little surprised at myself for doing this – after all, I’ve been involved in countless activist events over the years, few of which the man would have approved of: Against censorship, against the Internal Security Act, against the death penalty and the general whitewashing of national history.

These statements mattered a hell of a lot to us LGBT activists.

We’ve been trying for years to improve Singapore’s laws and social attitudes, against a tide of religious opposition and rhetoric about “Asian values”.

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