Young widow widower dating

15-Aug-2016 13:22

We were childless and seeking to adopt the year before she died.

A few months earlier Wendy lost her husband of 10 years when she was 37 leaving her with two young children, then ten months and four and a half years.

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We plan to give widows and widowers a view of both sides of the equation as a couple who have been through it successfully.

Here’s the backstory: I lost my wife of 22 years when I was 45.

There are far more available younger women who are single, divorced or widowed than there are available men.

There’s a cognitive dissonance in the minds of middle-aged men: they are programmed by nature to be attracted to younger women.

This series of articles is for those who have lost a spouse or significant other and want to find love and companionship again.

I will share the authorship of this article on grieving and dating with my wife, Wendy.